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Here are some testimonials obtained from former clients:
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"I have lost a stone in a month and I feel so much more positive, I don't eat biscuits at all now and feel much more awake, thank you so much."
Mrs. H, Leigh

"Thank you so much for the help with my exams, I feel so much calmer now and less anxious, tomorrow will be the test but fingers crossed!!!............thanks so much, I hardly panicked at all during the exam and I've been told I got 70% so thanks so much for your help."
Mr. S, Wigan

"Just wanted to let you know I have not touched a single cigarette since you came to do the Hypnotherapy session with me, I did have a hiccup the same day and was climbing the walls for a short time but it passed and it hasn't happened again, so job well done, thanks so much."
Miss J, Skelmersdale

"I don't know if you remember me but I came to see you about three years ago, I never thought I'd do it but I got on that aeroplane and flew to Australia to visit my daughter, I felt a bit nervous but that was all, and Ive now been three times, my family are so proud of me and I've recommended you to everyone."
Mrs D, Standish

"I have loved every second of the course, I have learned so much and made some great friends. You have made it enjoyable and funny at times but also respected us and our situations and I never thought I'd be able to get out of the situation with my mother in law but we found a way and I'm so much happier."
Ann, Skelmersdale

"I ditched the b*****d after the course, I didn't want a third divorce but I realised I wasn't the one in the wrong and I didn't care what others thought about me...Ive got a lovely flat now and a new job and I got two cats which he never let me have so thanks so much for turning my life around."
Julie, Burnley

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